No Vacancy March 26, 2008

How much longer can my good luck last? As a well trained pessimist (Thanks Mom) I know that at some point my good luck will turn. The martins are bold and noisy and oblivious to the threats in their neighborhood.  Approximately half a dozen birds were out past sunset again. The noise they made bickering for a place to sleep, though music to me, is like a dinner bell to the hawks that I know live nearby. I don’t know if it is a good thing but a pair of Red-shouldered hawks is nesting down the block-less than 1/4 mile away. Hopefully that will keep the more dangerous hawks, like Coopers and Sharpies, away. Whenever I am outside I  keep my eyes open for any hawks. The neighbors don’t know why I occasionally pound the fence with rocks but that’s OK. The martins may not know either-but it gets them up and in the air. Yeah, I know…I’m whacked.  

 I have been working on 2 more gourds and am waiting for the caulk to dry before I hang them. But for now the “No-Vacancy” sign is up. I am not sure how many birds I have turned away due to lack of room but I have counted upwards of 30 birds.

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