April 20, 2008

female martin & dragonflypurple martin and dragonflyMy Martins are busy and so am I. Both my children are ill and I have been back in the nurse mode. Staying up with my little one, running the humidifier at all hours of the night. My husband rewards me with no guilt trip as I spend hours outside communing with my birds. Yesterday I sat under the housing with my camera and shot about 100 pics. Some really nice, up close shots of the parents bringing all sorts of bugs to hungry mouths. Dragonflies, bees, wasps, and many other unidentifiable by my non-arthropod appreciating eyes. Amazing though, how with beaks full of biting insects, unflinching they pause on gourd rack to inspect me, then enter- nonplussed, to the demands of their lives.

A large hawk (red shouldered-I believe) was making wide circles over head. The Martins were in a frenzy and I was armed with a plastic child’s golf bag. In a death grip, I was waiting the moment that I would wave it madly in the air and advertise to the whole world…,”YES, I am INSANE!!!!”  Luckily, the hawk flew off. That’s showing HIM!

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