May 14, 2008

Another call to the rehabber this Am provided little info other than the scripted, “very well” and nothing is broken. I asked again when he was going to be released; I think it would be good to release him here where there are other martins around, maybe he can hook up with his family. They said he was being kept for “observation” and that when he was brought in he was only dehydrated. Also, that they are feeding him and he is eating well.

He fledged and got stuck in the fence on the 7th PM. (at 30 days old)
I took him to the rehabber early in the AM of the 9th.
So he has been there 6 days.
I used to be a vet tech before I went back to school to get my RN. I have a realistic view of both MD’s and DVM’s. I know that vet’s know alot about animals. But knowing about animal MEDICINE does not mean you know about Purple Martins. I don’t want to sound like a know it all, I just feel that the more time he spends there, the less his chances will be to learn what he needs to know to be a Purple Martin. These birds are so communal and him learning how to eat crickets isn’t going to help him eat while he’s flying to Brazil.

If I could speak to someone other than the receptionist, I know this could be cleared up, toot sweet. She’s a nice lady, don’t get me wrong but it’s like playing a game of telephone. The vet tells the tech, the tech tells the receptionist, the receptionist tells me…who knows what the real deal is.

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