May 3, 2008

Well, the big day came and everyone is holding tight. No babies trying to fly just yet. They are flapping up a storm in their gourds though. Poking their little heads out. But no brave daredevils just yet.

I continue to witness the most peculiar behaviour from the parents of several nests. They fly over to the neighbors yard and appear to be “eating” something in the grass. They fly a few feet in the air then quickly land on something…pecking at it. Then fly up to the nests and feed “it” to their young. I thought perhaps they are loading the babies up with small rocks/grit to help them digest food. But I continue to see this time after time. Usually one will start then 5 or 6 others will follow suit and do the same. Always in the same section of the neighbors yard. From what I can see of the yard, it is fairly well covered with wild grasses. I am perplexed!!!

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