May 8, 2008

BeauAM: My initial assessment may have been mistaken. Upon further examination the little fledgeling appears to have some damage to his right wing. It is hard and larger in the first joint that the other wing. He also carries it lower than the other wing. Whether or not the damage is fresh or old, I can not say. He is eating some crickets that I offer and he is in a large open container outside within view of the housing but gives no chirps to call his parents or other martins. I am torn. He could easily jump out but does not try. Otherwise his eyes are alert and he looks around but gives no efforts to eat the live crickets that scurry around him.

Beau-note its right wingPM: “Beau” is being fed all day- live crickets. He still has not tried to jump out or eat of his own volition. Though he opens his mouth to accept 3 or so crickets at one time. I tried to call a number that I had for a rehabber with no answer. Tomorrow I will see how he is and try to contact the rehabber again. For the night I put him back in an old canary cage with an unused natural gourd to spend the night.

Oh, I cannot describe the disgust at handling live (or dead for that matter) BUGS! eww!

Tomorrow I will post pics of the little guy (or girl)

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