June 17, 2008

I am starting to think that for the titles on my blog, I should go for something more descriptive and eloquent than just the date…something like “6/17/08 The lonely mother” Sounds so much more dramatic! NO, Not me. I’m not lonely. Are you kidding. My kids are so far up my kiester…¬† It’s the last female martin momma that is still feeding her babies. It seems like she is alone¬† most of the time. Her male was here yesterday. I did not see him today at all. She has become very protective, even dive-bombing me on the pool deck. Either that or she really, really likes me! She is definitely ready for these babies to fledge. She spends alot of time away from the nest. Gone for hours at a time. But then she shows up with the babies chirping wildly. They know its her from a mile away.

It is so quiet. Only a short time of low activity this AM. Maybe 15 birds or so. I told my husband that I will be going to the roost on Friday. Got to see it.

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