June 24, 2008 Saying our Goodbyes

My last 3 babies of 2008. Such a quiet trio. You wouldn’t even know they were there. I often go out under the housing to see if I can see their beaks peeking out. The gourd they are in faces out towards the yard, away from the house, so it is hard to see whats going on. I listen and can sometimes hear them chirp only when momma martin is nearby. Sometimes I see the gourd shake slightly as they beat their wings frantically doing their pre-flight warm ups preparing them for flight. I am unsure as to how many remain in the gourd. I thought perhaps one had fledged but I can not be positive. I can not risk bringing the house down to check, as they are too close to fledging. 

The numbers continue to decrease. Only 15 or so martins at a maximum. The weather has NOT been cooperative. I keep talking about visiting the Davie roost but have yet to hear when the weather will break.

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