June 26, 2008 Stormy Weather

Today the babies have definitely fledged. The took up a temporary residence on top of the same tall pine that the Swallow-Tailed kite gets his snacks from. (I have seen the Kite predate a nest a couple of times in that tree)  All the visiting martins were going to the tree to lend moral support.

Several weeks ago I posted a request for prayers for rain. Well. it worked. Now I just want an afternoon break to see the roost. The article from the Sun-Sentinal came out today and they mentioned my blog. Pretty cool. I posted the link for the article over on the right. Hope any new visitors like what you read. While you all enjoy reading my blog I hope you check out some of my links. The link for the photo-gallery has lots of pictures of my martins. SO, for any not familiar with what a Purple Martin looks like, check out www.mypurplemartinblog.com/gallery2  I will shortly be adding the last photos I took of the nestlings. On the last nest check I got a few pics of the babies in my hands. Such a humbling experience.

I have commissioned some Purple Martin graphics from an awesome graphic artist out of Georgia. I have seen some of the preliminary work and it is fantastic and will make a great addition to the choices at our catalog, www.purplemartins-r-us.com. I expect some of those items to come on line within the week. (Hope you check back for those)

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