June 27, 2008 It’s OVER!

My season is over! My babies are gone! What ever will I do!?!?! They all fledged. Mommy didn’t even bring them home last night to sleep. I will have my husband keep a close eye out to see if she brings them home tonight. I HOPE to go to Davie, but we will see. No rain in today’s forecast.

There were about 8 martins visiting on and off for only minutes at a time. They have become quite neurotic in that they fly off at the slightest noise and appear nervous. Perhaps its just their wanderlust kicking in. The itch to migrate must be getting stronger.

I uploaded the last of the baby pics to the photogallery. I will miss them all. All 65 babies. At least its nice to know I am more than half way to my goal of fledging 100 birds in a season.

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