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June 11, 2008

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Tomorrow was supposed to be the big day but I swear I think Natural gourd #8 may have partially or even completely fledged. It seemed late in the day but there were new babies flying about with that harsh cry they use to call to their parents. A back and forth coarse chirp with the parents whistle back.

The business side of things is having some interesting developments. I may be attending the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival in Jan of 2009 as a vendor and speaker. I will keep you updated on that.

On Saturday an article about a Purple Martin premigratory roost is coming out. I spoke with the journalist and I may be mentioned in that also. I will post links to the article as soon as I get it. I plan on going to the roost myself sometime in the next week. It seems like it is a spectacular sight. I can’t fathom 6,000 birds in one spot. I see about 35 at my sight and I am dazzled. I think I may have a religious experience! Perhaps on Sunday I will go. (Happy Fathers Day!) I want to take video and photos of the roost though. I was told that the current estimate is about 6,000 birds at that roost. With more still to come.  Of course, I will post any video of this on my YouTube site.

June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Thursday is supposed to be fledge day for Natural gourd #8. The 3 babies in there are always looking out at me when I go outside. I sometimes wonder if the martins that have a view of “me” end up feeling more comfortable with humans. I would imagine so. They see me everyday. I whistle to them. They see me come and go and cause no harm. The birds that face the other-way have no idea what flat faced horrors are out there. They must be like little beings faced with alien life for the first time….AAARRGGHHH! I can’t imagine what they must think of us.

The 2 remaining nests seem to be doing well and we have been getting some overcast skies and light rain to cool off the housing. I know that many Martin Landlords in the North East are having terrible drought conditions and Martins are being lost in large numbers. Very sad. Here all I can do is continue to contribute my housing so that the martins can produce offspring in the most competition free and predator free zone possible.

The swallow-tailed kite was at it again. To the same tall pine to flush out the dove. I did not see it with a nestling this time but I did see the dove fly off. She might as well call that pine quits. I stood guard over the martins until the kite flew off. The babies in the natural gourd would be easy pickings for any predator. Its a round hole with no tunnel. I put it up mostly as SY male housing. That is, a compartment put up late in the season so that new arriving SY males would have a cavity to claim instead of causing trouble in a cavity already occupied by a pair and its young.

Only 1 gourd and 1 6×6 compartment went unused this season.

June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

What a hot day. We were all out by the pool and my husband gave me a few minutes alone outside. He took the boys in to get ready for their nap. I was floating in the water looking up at the sky. About 8 of my birds were soaring and floating way up. Silently drifting around and around. Like Chinese paper kites. One following the other in a long lazy trail. Round and around…it was a serene and beautiful moment and I almost wished I could stay out there all day. Oh, no sunscreen! Ouch, time to get out and listen to screaming kids!

Gourd 8 is fast approaching fledge day. They are at the opening now. Peering out. It has a round opening and they seem so exposed. Next year I will do away with all round openings. I will try to use tunnels allot more also.

June 4, 2008

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Things are slowing down a bit. I did a nest check today. So far, this year, I have fledged 59 baby Purple Martins. There are 2 nests that remain with a total of 6 babies. One nest of 3 is about 8 days old and the other nest of 3 is about 14 days old. I will miss them when they are gone.  August to January is not too long of a wait. They will be back before I know it.

I wonder if Beau is doing well. I guess I will never know.

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