A Gift to the Purple Martins of Green Cay

Purple Martins are the most intriguing of birds. I often say that they are the most common of unknown birds. What do I mean by that? Well, by that I mean that most people I meet have NO idea what a Purple Martin is. But yet my backyard is full of 30 or so Purple Martins as i speak. How can this be? How can a bird that is so numerous be so illusive to the common man? Unless a person has a neighbor with a Purple Martin house up or grew up around someone that had a purple martin house up, they just would never get the chance to see a purple martin. That is unless they go to a place such as Green Cay Nature Center and see first hand the spectacle of dozens of birds flying in and out of a Martin condo”. Many of these people go on to find out about how they can attract purple martins to nest in their own backyards. Centers such as these provide a great service to these birds. These preserves can educate and show how a natural habitat helps us all. How preserving our environment can leave a lasting legacy to our children but other than the knowledge they impart and the pictures that are taken, the center remains where it is and the people go home. Purple Martins at these centers, on the other hand, give some visitors a chance to recreate a portion of the natural environment in their own backyard. A piece of conservationism that lives on season after season bringing song and exposure to a American tradition that has endured since our arrival to this continent.

Green Cay Nature Center

Green Cay Nature Center

Today a gift of safety and security was given to the Purple Martins of Green Cay Nature Center. Through a kind and generous donation by Carl Updike of Rehaboth Beach, Delaware, the 3 Purple Martin houses and the 1 gourd rack will all now be protected by Aluminum Predator Pole Guards. Pole Guards are the front line defense against snakes, raccoons and other ground predators that CAN easily climb any pole. Though many people leave their poles unprotected and are lucky to escape any problems, the devastation that 1 snake can cause can mean the loss of a colony.

In a setting such as Green Cay where snakes and raccoons are welcome sights and common place, having purple martin predator guards can make a huge impact. Not only for the safety of the birds but as a simple educational tool that many people can see these devices in place and in use and come to understand the nessecity of predator protection in their own backyards.

Mr.Updike, the Purple Martins, Green Cay Nature Center and I thank you.

Green Cay Nature Center, congratulations on having a fan like Mr.Updike.


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