Nest Check and Check THIS out!

Yesterday was another nest check here at my humble Purple Martin Colony. As of now I have 19 gourds offered and 6 house compartments. I am awaiting a shipment of a half dozen gourds to fill my new rack that has only 5 gourds on it at this time. I do believe there are birds sleeping in every compartment INCLUDING gourd #4 which has the nest cam. As you may remember, the nest cam was online briefly but the infrared light spooked the pair that was in the gourd out to another. The gourd has been the subject of a lot of attention from an ASY pair. Though hesitant for a few days, the pair does appear to be spending a lot of time in and out of the gourd. But before I get carried away with details, here are the results of the nest check.

The exact numbers so far.

Gourd #3 with 5 eggs

Gourd #6 with 3 eggs

Gourd # 7  with 4 eggs

Gourd #9 with 5 eggs

Gourd #11 with 1 egg

For a total of 18 eggs

All Troyer horizontal tunneled (SREH) gourds and all ASY pairs.

On the next nest check which should be on Tuesday, I will switch the nestcam to gourd #11. If there are more eggs in that nest (which I don’t see why there would not be) I will change the camera over to that gourd. Be on the look out for that.

The SY males are causing quite the ruckus and I do believe there may be a shortage of rooms. On several nights I have seen a Purple Martin sleeping on the porch of the Sunset Inn Aluminum house. At first I thought it may be the same male that slept on the porch all season last year. But a few nights ago it was NOT a male but a female or perhaps a SY male on the same porch. Could it be that there are no vacancies and the porch is all that is left? Could it be a fool hardy martin enjoying the outdoor breeze? I am not sure but trust me when I express my worry over these birds. All hours of the night I hear them chirping. At 3 AM I have been hearing a male singing in one of the gourds in pitch black. Are they crazy? I know the waterfall on the pool is running all night to mask their noise but I will soon turn on the radio outside to mask their chattering. Why don’t they just hang a free dinner sign?

So to summarize; come Tuesday, look for a relaunch of the nestcam and another nest check. If you follow me on Twitter I try to post Tweets on when I will be doing the nest check. I lower the camera and you can watch me live, doing a Purple Martin Nest Check. It may come in useful for those that have never done a check and may be nervous about “messing with the birds.”

On a side note; I wanted to announce the return of feather art to our site.

 3 gorgeous pieces of handpainted feather art. They are signed and numbered by the artist, D.L.Miller. I requested that these 3 pieces be very different and I do believe they are outstanding.


So until Tuesday, keep an eye out for hawks and keep it Purple!

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