Nest Check: We Have EGGS!

This wasn’t really the first nest check of the season but it was the first with eggs. I guess until there are eggs I don’t really count them as nest checks. But today the games begin!

3 nests have a grand total of 5 eggs. 5 beautiful white precious jewels holding the tiny little mass of yolk and albumin that is awaiting the warmth only a mother Purple Martin can bring. They are sitting and patiently awaiting to be joined by brothers and sisters, waiting for the gentle touch of their mothers brood patch.

The exact numbers so far.

Gourd #3 with 2 eggs

Gourd # 7  with 1 egg

Gourd #9 with 2 eggs

All Troyer horizontal tunneled (SREH) gourds and all ASY pairs.


I also failed to tell you all that yesterday was the Fiesta de la Golondrinas in the City of San Juan Capistrano in California. (Golondrinas being the Spanish word for swallows)

 It is home to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano that became famous for a legend of swallows that return to nest within the mission/church itself every year. As legend goes the swallows nests were being destroyed by locals who didn’t think much about bird poop. The priest at the local church (the mission San Juan Capistrano) told the swallows to come to his church and find shelter and a home there. Ever since the birds faithfully return to the mission to nest and raise their young. Please check out their website at

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