April Fools Nest Check

I know, I am a little late posting these last nest check results. But here they are:

Gourd #2 3 eggs
Gourd #3 5 eggs
Gourd #6 6 eggs
Gourd #7 4 eggs
Gourd #9 5 eggs
Gourd #10 3 eggs
Gourd #11 4 eggs
Gourd #12 3 eggs
For a grand total of 33 eggs in 8 gourds. All ASY pairs, all tunneled Troyer horizontal gourds.

I was UNABLE to check the Aluminum Sunset Inn house. The telescopic pole that I have it on is apparently stuck. It is a triangular pole (that I do not sell) and the feeder tray that it came with consistently allows egg shells from the feeder to slide down the pole and make a nightmare of a time for me. This is the last season with this pole and I am sorry that I did not replace it sooner.

I had previously modified the feeder tray with a plastic hole plug that I had cut the bottom off of. In essence it was like the bottom of a plastic cup…but without the bottom. I sealed it to the tray so that when it rains the contents of the tray do not wash down the center of the pole as it did seasons past- an obvious design flaw. Either the tray should have been designed so that the contents wash to the outer edges vs the center. But this is proof of several things, to me. One being that “shotgun” product design often comes up with many designs. Some good some not so good. More importantly “shotgun” designing has unpleasant side effects to the end consumer when the design is not properly and adequately field tested. I will have to get my husband to help me attempt to unstick the pole and then put caulk around the center hole.

There is still an occasional bird or two sleeping on the porch of the house. Last night it was an ASY male. I have seen several birds at last light struggling from compartment to compartment, trying to find an empty room. I have seen 1 or two birds fly off at dark. I am suspecting that they leave to roost in a tree or another house but continue to try to find room here.

I have visited several nearby houses that I have found on my travels and all still appear empty, as their usual. All these houses have potential but are just located improperly. IE: too close to trees. I have left almost 2 dozen leaflets on local properties with information on Purple Martins for these landlords. To date I have heard back from 3 people and have personally spoken with 2 more. The 2 people I spoke with tell me that they have martins return yearly. Some of the houses I have found have no “proof of life” at least the feathered kind.

Also I have finally moved the nest cam to gourd #11. I will later attempt to point the cam so that you can actually see eggs. But I do believe she has started incubating at least 4 eggs!

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