Crow vs Mockingbird

The daily trials and tribulations of birds is always a fascination for me. I look at them and see the challenges they face and it always seems to put my life’s issues in perspective. For being birdbrained, as they say, they sure put up with major issues.

Take the mockingbird pair, for example. The baby mocker is now fledged and the parents are now trying for clutch #2 in the same tangle of bushes in the neighbors yard. Far be it from me to suggest my roebelenii palms that they nested in last year. Even though I was a dedicated scarecrow, they just couldn’t handle the noise me and my brood produce. I was constantly telling my 2 boys to be quiet because the birds and that would just make them scream in naughty delight. Of course the purple martins could care less about the noise. The more noise we make, the safer from hawks they are.

¬†Well, the mockingbirds don’t agree. They prefer the quiet solace of an out of the way spot. Unfortunately, the nest has been made. An American Crow sniffed them out of their little spot. First I saw it land, cawing loudly on the wires across the street. It seemed to know the way, so I have a feeling it may have made this trip before. The mockers were frantic, of course. Dive bombing and calling out in alarm, the crow was not to be dissuaded from his target. Branch by branch it made its way closer to the bush. It landed atop the bush and started to weave its way down into the thicket that held the mockingbirds nest. The parent mockers continued the battle, to no avail. Eventually the crow sat, apparently in the nest itself and had its way with either eggs or nestlings. Of course I was outside running at this point. Jumping our fence, I knew how ridiculous this was. I mean, if the crow knows where the nest is there is no hope for it now. But it was painful to watch and to do something was the only option. The crow flew off and the mockers chased after it. I stood there about 10 feet from what once was a baby birds nursery and knew that now it was its grave. How sad.

Monday is another nest check. There are several nests that should have hatched in the last few days so I am eager

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