Post Traumatic Snake Disorder

A big thank you to those that emailed me about my recent snake attack. I should apologize to the snake that I vanquished to the City dump.

Like I told Dave J, I know better than to kill the snake. It was a case of projection- at anger towards myself. So much for “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” I doubt I will now start killing every snake I see. I usually catch them and then hold them for my 2 kids to touch and squeal over. Also in retrospect, should have known the snake must have gone partway up that pole before, as the last time I did a check there were none of the small tree frogs that like to sleep under the guard during the day.

S&K predator guardRegarding the inadequate S&K predator guard on one of the last remnants of S&K at my site; I sprayed foam insulation into the openings on the adaptor to close the passageway the snake must have used. I also placed snake netting below. In the pic you can see the gap that is formed when the circular opening of the guard is attached to the triangular pole adaptor that is underneath. Not only is their a gap there but then there are several small openings that are part of the design of the adaptor itself. The adaptor is actually the same piece that is used as one of the older S&K gourd racks. When in use as a gourd rack the rods that the gourds are hung on go through these openings. When used as an adaptor for the guards, there is nothing to block these openings and a small snake can pass through. As my experience has shown a small snake can easily kill just as effectively as a large snake.

when used as a gourd rack

when used as a gourd rack

 The spray foam insulation seems to have closed off these openings and be an easy fix. Also snake netting is in place anyway. 

A big thanks to Bob n Jo in Iowa, for letting me place a link to their FREE Purple Martin Bird House on my other website, It is a 7 page PDF plans to construct chalet style houses out of insulation foam board. If any of you complete this project, I would love to hear about it.

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