I Can See Clearly Now!

The nestlings are holding on tight. They should be about 25 days old so fledge day is fast approaching. I am watching them closely and continue to pray for them. I am working on several posts for this blog at once. One is on Bot Fly and Blow Fly infestations and another on cats. Keep an eye out for those.

I have been watching the nest with a pair of Nikon Ecobins 10×25 Binocular and they are perfect to use around the house especially with 2 young boys running around. Remind me to tell you the story of what happened to my expensive binoculars when my then 2 year old found them.

At just under $200.00 Nikon has entered into the “green era”. Recently introducing a new binocular, the Nikon Ecobins 10×25 Green Binocular are going to be my new favorite binocs.  These optics are perfect when you don’t feel like toting around a pair of really expensive binoculars. They can be cumbersome and who wants to loose a pair of binoculars that can cost several thousand dollars. But now I can take the Nikon Ecobins with me on the most spontaneous of adventures and always have a great looking high quality pair of optics that brings me closer to nature. They are great viewing at a great price, Earth friendly and EASY to carry around..these binoculars are perfect!

For more info on the new Nikon Ecobins go to http://www.nikonecobins.com.

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