Snakes in the Grass

After my snake debacle some weeks ago, the last thing I want to deal with are snakes in my yard. Yes, I know they are there. Yes, I know they serve a critical and important role in the food chain. I just am still a bit irritated at the red corn snake that got past my predator guard and ate 5 beautiful little featherless baby purple martins. Read the post here.

As I was looking outside I saw a large 4 foot black racer (I call them-no idea as to the sp. name) browsing my patio. It was “looking” in the sliding glass doors and peacefully gliding along. Perhaps due to my husbands mowing of the grass this weekend or the heavy rains that have been a daily occurrence, the snake was making itself quite at home. I was shocked as the snake was by far taller than my sons. I ran outside with a broom and managed to corral the snake under a bucket. Not sure what I was going to do with it, I placed a weight on top and collapsed on the sofa to the delight of my children who had a million questions as to everything. After catching my breathe I called my husband to tell him of my adventure and as I was talking to him a SECOND black snake crawled across the patio. “How did he get out from under that bucket?” was the only question that entered my head as I hung up the phone (without saying bye) and ran out, again with the broom to corral the snake. The snake made a much speedier exit than I made my entrance and I was left empty handed. How did he get out? I lifted the bucket partially only to see the black tail of the snake still under the bucket. The boys are now convinced that the back patio is a snake thruway and I almost feel I am in 100% agreement.

2 snakes in less than 20 minutes. What is going on. I watched the purple martin housing for some 15 minutes to see if anything was out of the ordinary. All seemed normal. The lettered gourd rack seems to attract an abundance of SY’s and HY’s fighting. The numbered gourd rack seems to be the ASY’s favorite and is a much calmer place to be. Gourd #6 must have newly hatched babies as a ASY male and female are busy feeding. A late clutch for sure. I finally relaxed and played with my boys.

About 2 hours later I look out the sliding glass door and again, what do I see??? Yes, ANOTHER large black snake. Now it is getting creepy. Well, fast forward through the broom, roundup and bucket and I now have 2 snakes in a plastic bag…very much alive and well. As soon as my husband came home I took a short drive about 3/4 of a mile down the road and released them.

Yeah, live and let live…just not in my yard anymore.

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