2009 Going Out as Purple Martins Come Home!

Scout reports are popping up on the west and also the east coast of Florida as the last few days of 2009 brings in the first of the purple martins for the 2010 season. As I read M.Dingman’s report of a ASY male purple martin singing over his empty backyard, I was reminded as I have reminded others via Twitter to get your housing up early. I will be working on my housing this weekend and heading my own advice, but one never knows how early the martins will come.

As of today there have been 6 reported purple martins returning home. All 6 in Florida from Naples to Punta Gorda, from Melbourne to Okeechobee (which is a stones throw from myself) So, the reality that I may be caught with my “houses down” is a real possibility. This also means that the live Birdcam will be going up very soon.

So get them houses and gourd racks up!!

In closing I want to thank all of you for continuing to follow this blog and reading about my colony. I hope 2010 brings you peace, prosperity and many many martins!

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