I Can Almost Hear My Martins…

I know, I know. It is only December and I am already starting to prepare for the influx of birds. Christmas is just around the corner and I am fooling with my gourds. Perhaps getting into my martins is a way to take a break from the food and festivities of the holiday season. Not that I can eat any of the food. A strict diet has me doing what I never have done before…actually LOSE weight during the holidays. Yep, all those pumpkin pies and sugar cookies I have baked don’t even get tasted. All the brownies and cake don’t get a second look. Only a few more days of this…(ahem) “program” and then I can once again partake…in a much more controlled manner, the holidays tastes that surround me. I consider it the payback for the last year of sedentary life in front of the computer. Eating and typing and eating some more.

Oh well, my martins won’t recognize me when they return. They will be here soon though. Another few weeks and they will be making it into Florida. A few weeks after that they will be present South of me and North of me. Perhaps this year I will get them even earlier. I can’t wait. Tomorrow I will start to rake pine needles and my neighbors will start to talk…again.


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