Gray and Rainy Day in FLA

The clouds never seemed to part at all today and lower temps brought the martins to their perches while a fine drizzle came down intermittently. Puffed up and staring out at each other the martins and I were not much for vocalizing as we usually are.

I have been kept quite busy with my finches (indoor in cages…NOT wild). Tomorrow I hope to get the first nest check in as I have seen many birds bringing leaves and tree bark into their nests over the last few weeks. I put plenty of pine needles in the nests which makes me wonder why I have not seen the usual stealing of nest material as in years past. Nor have I seen them bringing in more pine needles…just leaves.

In any case tomorrow I will do a nest check and find out. I am laying bets that I will find several nests with eggs.


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