Martins Everywhere!

Not a SY (subadult) Martin anywhere but it appears as though every gourd on the 2 gourd racks is being occupied. The MPP was later going up so most of the 2 house compartments are still vacant and a few of the 8 gourds are vacant on it still.
I found feathery remains of a purple martin in the yard. I hope it isn’t an owl but my instinct tells me it may be. Clustered in a grassy spot, away from any trees, it seems like owl activity to me. From what I have learned about owls, they usually eat their pray not to far from where they catch it. Hawks will usually take their prey to a tree and eat it on a limb. Of course, if they are feeding young they will take it back to their nest.
I know it’s the circle of life but would rather not know about it.


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