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The Numbers Are In!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Final 2009 Purple Martin Season Tally

With a whole lot of drama and excitement, the 2009 Purple Martin season is officially over in South Florida. Even the roosts have faded away to a distant memory and the gourd racks and houses all sit quiet and empty with only curious paper wasps showing interests in nest building. Our goal here was to make it to the 100 fledge mark and that goal WAS reached. So with pride in my efforts and much thanks to God, here are the totals.

Total Pairs: 33

Total Eggs Laid: 163

Total Eggs Hatched: 140

Total Young Fledged: 130

Egg to Hatch percentage: 86%

Egg to Fledge percentage: 80%

Most of my colony is comprised of Troyer Horizontal Gourds with an occupancy rate of 96%. I only had 1 natural gourd with a round opening. All other entrances were SREH. The SREH (starling resistant entrance holes) were mostly Clubhouse entrances (Conley 2) with some Modified Excluders thrown in for good measure.
My other housing option is a Sunset Inn Aluminum Purple Martin Houses (also with SREH) which was only about 50% occupied.
1 case of wing entrapment (no casualties)
1 entire nest lost due to a case of snake predation

I left a couple of messages trying to get a status on the 2 purple martins that were “abandoned” and I did not get a call back. I will keep you updated as soon as I here what the plan is for these 2 poor guys.