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Martin Fledgling Found on Ground-Back to Busch

Friday, July 17th, 2009

I was out several times in the morning giving Pedialyte to the nestling that I took out yesterday. He is visibly afraid at what I am doing but doesn’t give up a fight. His beak has more strength today and required some patience and gentle effort to open for some crickets today. As I was feeding him around 11AM or so, I saw the few Swallow-Tailed Kites flying overhead and low. I kept hearing a purple martin like chirp and found myself looking around. Hmmmm, I didn’t know Kites sound like martins? I kept hearing the chirp. No martins were around, they had visited this morning and were not around now. Then low and close I saw another one of the fledglings an the pool deck on the inside portion of the baby gate surrounding our pool. I went and picked him up and he chirped to me as if I was familiar.

Placing him in the bucket, with what I am sure is his sibling, I placed a drop of Pedialyte on my finger and as I approached him with my finger he practically bit my finger off. Not in fear or hostility but out of hunger. I picked up a cricket and approached his beak with it and between chirps he gobbled it down, looking for more. A friendly sort this little fledgling must have sat up in the trees all night. Finally when the other martins returned he tried to fly with them, only to be without strength to join them. He must have quickly lost altitude and thankfully landed where God would let me see him. Instantly, this little bird has especially touched my heart.

I placed a call to Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and drove them up to Jupiter. Beyond my help these 2 little birds need aggressive intervention. Even with that they seem so weak and malnourished that they may never be able to catch up to the HY’s flying about like experts now.

Calling for an update from David Hitzig (the Director at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary) I can report that both are being hydrated,  the outgoing fledgling is eating enthusiastically but the more timid nestling is not fairing as well. I am hoping that by watching his sibling accepting food, that he will follow suit, but as David related, it may be that he is beginning to shut down and death is imminent for him.

I will keep you updated.

What’s Up?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

The purple martin nestlings are beginning to fledge in the numbered gourd rack and I have suspended nest checks on that rack until probably Saturday. Come Monday there will be another 4 nests getting close to fledging, that I will again suspend nest checks. All this to avoid the dreaded premature fledge. I will do a partial check tomorrow on the house and the lettered gourd rack and I will try to move the camera so that you can see a new vantage point of the colony.

As my nests get ready to fledge this also means that the colony will get a lot busier with visiting martins from the surrounding area coming over for a visit. It should be fun to watch as the youngsters, still unsure with their landing technique try to land on the housing. It’s always worth a laugh. It also means that the time is drawing¬†closer for the birds to begin gathering at their premigratory roosts. But I won’t let myself think of that. There are still plenty of babies yet to fledge.

For local readers of my blog, I hope I see you on Friday and Saturday at Folke Peterson Wildlife Center for their “Rescue Fest”. The center is trying to raise funds in this challenging economic times and is having a grand shindig for the family. Friday they will be having a silent auction, live music, comedians and Saturday will be the fun stuff for kids. All proceeds directly benefit the center and the animals that they care for. I will be giving a presentation on Purple Martins on Saturday at 1:00PM and hope to meet some of you in person.