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July 1,2008 Origin of the Swallows (A legend)

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

This is a translation of something I found on a South American Website. Written by Raul Ortelli, “El Zorro y las Aves” Buenos Aires, Argentina,1964  


Twenty centuries ago, in Nazareth, the Child Jesus, while playing with his friends, made some delicate bird figurines with clay from a nearby creek.

While they were playing a Pharisee who was passing by started screaming at them: “Don’t you know that today is Sabbath day and you are not allowed to do any type of job?”  Immediately he tried to squash the figurines with his foot but Jesus extended his hand and the birds began to fly.
That is the way  swallows were born.  These same swallows later made their nests on the roof of Jesus’ home.

Many years later, when Jesus was already a man and was on his way to Golgotha, the swallows were desolate as they followed Him. The Teacher was going to die and a stream of blood mixed with tears was running down his face.  The little birds then, one by one, took the thorns of the crown off the magnificent face. At that moment the Earth trembled and  the sky was clouded over.

From that day on swallows acquired the mourning cloak that they still carry.