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5 Purple Martins So Far

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Another female ASY purple martin came yesterday bringing the tally up to 5.  Also,  as if on cue,  one of the starlings that had been trying to get in the Troyer horizontal gourds finally went for the trap. Thankfully the repeating nestbox trap or S&S repeater, worked like a charm. I took a few pics of the poor fellow and humanely deposited him in the circular house at the curb.

My mother in-law was mortified. My husband, as usual, perplexed at how I can euthanize a bird and call myself a bird lover. I answered back the way I always do. That as a true bird lover, sometimes hard decisions need to be made and “my” purple martins will not suffer for the mistakes humans made by introducing the European Starling on this continent. But look out! You do NOT want me to take out the soap box again!

The live ColonyCam is up and running and it is at a slightly different angle.But I have not heard anyone complain as yet.