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Rain Fledgling Update

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Day 12 of this terrible weather and all but 1 of the babies are holding their own. I am fattening them up but with more heavy rain in the forecast, I hesitate to release. They are still underweight, but have gained several grams. The biggest improvement comes from a 36 gram fledgling that appears to be about 24 days old and weighs now 44 grams.

Devastating Rain Continues

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Lord have mercy. The rain came down SO hard last night. I woke up to the sound of torrential rain and prayed for my birds. Another 3 dead in the lawn today, 3 alive that I was able to catch, and 2 others swam (YES SWAM) through the yard to escape to the neighbors yard and sure death. I am h art broken. The bad news: (yes, there is MORE bad news!) is the 3 rescued today are very underwent AND have significant feather damage to both tail feathers and primary flight feathers. The good news: Chewie (the first guy from 2 days ago) is eating me out of house and home and crickets. He just might make it!

Rain Causing Problems

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Over a week of solid and often heavy rains has been wreaking havoc on our colony. Wet nests combined with underweight fledglings have them jumping out like crazy. Nests are too far along to lower gourds and do nest changes. Found 4 dead in the yard in the last 2 days and this little guy yesterday. Wet to the bone and way undernourished. Yesterday he went through some scrambled egg and 2 dozen crickets. Today he’s already had 2 dozen crickets and he’s not done yet.
Rain can cause huge problems. Not just any rain, but the deluge has f driving rain that we have gotten, pretty much nonstop without getting a chance to dry. Even through the night, the rains have persisted. And rain like this means no food. We have also had the resident Cooper Hawk making his rounds and the poor babies (I suspect) may be from an orphan gourd.

April Showers!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Yesterdays nest check was postponed. At 3pm the skies were dark and a drizzle was falling. By 4:30 pm or so a steady rain was falling and distant thunder was heard. By 5 pm a deluge of water let loose. It was fantastic. In the midst of the biggest drought on record for some 80 years, South Florida needs whatever rain mother nature can muster. The landscaping is hopelessly lost. The grass is overrun with the hardier weeds and my suspect to the sparse egg laying on the last nest check is dry weather.
It is a well known fact that birds have biological cues that trigger nesting bahavior. Daylight is probably the best known cue but another highly important ingredient is the abundance of food. In breeding Finches (another hobby of mine) Daylight can be measured in exact quantities by using a timer. But without the proper dietary considerations the birds will not start nesting. It is the same for all birds. As barometers of the environment, birds can show stress even when us humans are oblivious to the subtle signs that drive their inner workings. So as the first gourd rack filled up in record time, the later arriving birds are now all competing for the same dry season level of insects. Nature makes the spring a wet season for a reason. It all is timed perfectly so that the spring showers can produce a cascading chain of life. More water = more life= even more life. With a drought the spring season begins but stalls out and the heavy spring influx of birds is left with a dry dinner plate as well.

This morning the birds are obviously ecstatic about the rain that continued to fall throughout the night. I hope to do a nest check today that will give a great baseline to see if more eggs appear in the coming week or so.

In other news more photos have been uploaded to the gallery, another art piece is in the works and, our webstore continues to grow as a source of Purple Martin information and purple martin houses and supplies. If you have not had a chance to visit, please do.

Nest check Schedule: Today (4/21) and Friday (4/24)

May 22, 2008

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

I am famous….not really. BUT I did make the local paper. Check out:

The write up was nice. I never raised “golden” finches. They were Gouldian finches but hay, its a bird! And I don’t count wing feathers…in case you were wondering!

There was a deluge of rain this afternoon. The wind swept sideways and knocked over patio furniture. The young Martins were trying to land in a large tree and surprisingly did not seek shelter in the housing. It has been so dry though that I wonder if the rain, harsh as it was, was a welcome sight. I hope we get a lot more but it was a wonderful respite to the dryness. See, prayers ARE answered! That was easy! Now, pray for World peace.