Love a Martin, Kill a Starling

I was on the PMCA forum and read a new landlords post about how he loved birds and did not want to have to kill sparrows and starlings. When talking to people that are new to Martins, I get alot of that same…disgust about having to “dispose” of a bird. Anyway,

This was my reply;

It’s hard for alot of people to really understand what being a purple martin landlord is all about.
You can love birds and the end result will be that you will love your (or someone elses) purple martins to death—-literally.
I can understand not wanting to kill starlings and sparrows…(Not how I feel) but I can understand it. The important thing is to not add to someone else’s problem. My point? Maybe having a purple martin house isn’t for you. Because instead of attracting purple martins, you will have a sparrow and starling factory.
I hate turning anyone off to being a landlord but at some point tough love is needed. and at some point you have to take a stand.
My motto is , Being a purple martin landlord is NOT a passive hobby, its an active endeavor.
I hope you can see past the “grislly” stuff and realize that just because something has feathers; doesn’t make it all cute and sweet. Life is tough for martins and bluebirds and woodpeckers and every other native bird that sparrows and starlings kill. My job as a landlord is to keep a promise that Native Americans made to purple martins. The promise was-if you trust me-I’ll take care of you. They trusted us to leave natural cavities and nest solely in our houses (and gourds) and I won’t let them down.
You can still love martins without putting up a martin house.
My 2 cents?…put up a small bird box for 1 pair of whatever, and enjoy. Sell the martin house on ebay.
best of luck, whatever you do.

Love a martin, kill a starling.

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