April 17, 2008

An overdue nest check was done. We had 3 days of very windy and cool weather. When its windy like that I try not to disturb the birds too much. So I waited and did it today.

My 20 babies look fat and happy. Their eyes are still closed so they just eat and sleep at this point.

The real shocker came when at final count I have 46 eggs! About 4 of those nests may not be done laying-so more eggs coming. Also, there is nest building in one of the natural gourds that was occupied by a lone ASY male. I suspect that the pair that was in the gourd hanging off the shepards hook relocated. Now a SY male attempts to attract a mate at that gourd. 

 All in all a great check.

On a side note, another capture of a dreaded Starling in the nest trap. It makes me smile when I think of how many Purple Martin eggs and babies I have saved at my site by controlling these pests. My husband doesn’t agree…he says it is survival of the fittest and if natural selection wants the Martin to go in favor of the Starling, so be it.

Of course, I disagree. What mother could let the town bully beat up her children? Isn’t that natural selection? If a person is stronger and more aggressive, it should conquer the weak, right? Of course not. Because we have compassion, we protect. Because we cherish diversity, we protect those that can’t protect themselves.

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