Hawk goes away Hungry

collecting mudThe purple martin forum is ablaze with hawk talk. Many landlords have become victims of these attacks on their colonies. This morning, I was no different. Fortunately my ending is a happy one.

It was about 5:30 pm and the martins were on or about the housing. The day had been filled with risky martin behaviour. Their loud chatter like a beacon for all raptors saying, “Here we are, come and eat us.” All the sudden the alarm went out and a mid sized hawk shot over my left shoulder towards the housing. The martins had all dispersed only moments before and within seconds a small swarm of purple was in hot pursuit. Chasing and calling out in alarm. No purple victims this time.

The martins are still visiting the dirt road for mud. I have been watching them closely and also witnessed a female that is collecting grasses from my back yard. Which is actually an odd occurrence in this area. All the nests here are composed of pine needles except for this 1. This ASY male and SY(?) female have been adding bermuda grass to the nest.

On an off martin note; the mockingbirds have moved into egg laying mode. Their nest is complete!

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