May 21, 2008

What a crazy day!!! I DID get a nest check done though, 18 more fledged for a total to date of 34 Purple Martins added to the world! Very exciting. I had to remove one of the fledglings that had already fledged to its own nest as they keep invading a nest of younger birds to eat the food there mother brings for them. The little guy(gal?) promptly flew off. The drought is terrible though and I suspect that may have something to due with the youngsters parasitizing food from other nestlings. Very windy, smokey and the drought make for some very slim pickings. I placed more crushed egg shells and dried crickets in the platform feeder for the Martins. I have never seen them eat the dried crickets but they are fond of the egg shells. The recently fledged like to visit the feeder so they may actually eat some.

Pray for rain.

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