June 10, 2008

Thursday is supposed to be fledge day for Natural gourd #8. The 3 babies in there are always looking out at me when I go outside. I sometimes wonder if the martins that have a view of “me” end up feeling more comfortable with humans. I would imagine so. They see me everyday. I whistle to them. They see me come and go and cause no harm. The birds that face the other-way have no idea what flat faced horrors are out there. They must be like little beings faced with alien life for the first time….AAARRGGHHH! I can’t imagine what they must think of us.

TheĀ 2 remaining nestsĀ seem to be doing well and we have been getting some overcast skies and light rain to cool off the housing. I know that many Martin Landlords in the North East are having terrible drought conditions and Martins are being lost in large numbers. Very sad. Here all I can do is continue to contribute my housing so that the martins can produce offspring in the most competition free and predator free zone possible.

The swallow-tailed kite was at it again. To the same tall pine to flush out the dove. I did not see it with a nestling this time but I did see the dove fly off. She might as well call that pine quits. I stood guard over the martins until the kite flew off. The babies in the natural gourd would be easy pickings for any predator. Its a round hole with no tunnel. I put it up mostly as SY male housing. That is, a compartment put up late in the season so that new arriving SY males would have a cavity to claim instead of causing trouble in a cavity already occupied by a pair and its young.

Only 1 gourd and 1 6×6 compartment went unused this season.

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