June 11, 2008

Tomorrow was supposed to be the big day but I swear I think Natural gourd #8 may have partially or even completely fledged. It seemed late in the day but there were new babies flying about with that harsh cry they use to call to their parents. A back and forth coarse chirp with the parents whistle back.

The business side of things is having some interesting developments. I may be attending the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival in Jan of 2009 as a vendor and speaker. I will keep you updated on that.

On Saturday an article about a Purple Martin premigratory roost is coming out. I spoke with the journalist and I may be mentioned in that also. I will post links to the article as soon as I get it. I plan on going to the roost myself sometime in the next week. It seems like it is a spectacular sight. I can’t fathom 6,000 birds in one spot. I see about 35 at my sight and I am dazzled. I think I may have a religious experience! Perhaps on Sunday I will go. (Happy Fathers Day!) I want to take video and photos of the roost though. I was told that the current estimate is about 6,000 birds at that roost. With more still to come.  Of course, I will post any video of this on my YouTube site.

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