June 18, 2008

A huge Thunderstorm came through this afternoon. Luckily my boys slept without so much as a whimper, DESPITE a lightning strike somewhere outside their window. An electrical surge has destroyed our DVR and something is amiss with our electrical system. After the lightning hit a light came on in the living room and would NOT turn off! Needless to say, that had me very concerned. I tried to switch the light off at least a dozen times without any luck. Finally it shut off….only to turn back on. An emergency light came on a few times, even though we did not loose power. We did have a circuit breaker trip but we had already reset it. I REALLY should call an electrician to check things out! If the house goes up in flames, you will know why!

On a purple note. The pole that the house is on suffered a career ending bend even though I keep my poles lowered. I would hate to think what would have happened if the poles were up fully and if the housing was full of birds. Just further strengthens my believe that as soon as you have martins that are committed to your site, just keep the pole down 5 feet or so. No need to tempt fate.

The other pole that has a much heavier gourd rack suffered no ill effects at all. I wonder if having the pole cemented or not could exacerbate bending? I mean, if the ground wont give, the pole will have to…right? Maybe we should rethink concreting poles in the ground.

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