Top 6 Causes of Bird Fatalities

Glass Windows
Dr. Daniel Klem of Muhlenberg College has done studies over a period of 20 years, looking at bird collisions with windows. His conclusion: glass kills more birds than any other human related factor.
Estimated yearly deaths -100 – 900 MILLION deaths per year!

House Cats
The National Audubon Society says 100 million birds a year fall prey to cats. Dr. Stan Temple of the University of Wisconsin estimates that in Wisconsin alone, about 7 million birds a year are killed by cats.

Automobiles / Trucks
Scientists estimate the number of birds killed by cars and trucks on the nation’s highways to be 50 to 100 million a year. Those statistics were cited in reports published by the National Institute for Urban Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Electric Transmission Line Collisions
responsible for up to 174 MILLION!

Which have been estimated to cause the poisoning death of 67 million birds a year, throw in cutting hay and you add another million

Communication Towers
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that bird collisions with tall, lighted communications towers, and their guy wires result in 4 to 10 million bird deaths a year. During migration, birds rely on stars to navigate are confused by lighted towers. As they circle the towers in confusion, they ultimately collide with the tower or its wires.

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