South Florida Cool Snap (Jan 16, 2009)

The early arrival of 3 Purple Martins had me thinking that this season was ready to get underway. The cool weather and quiet attitude of my 3(?) Martins has me now thinking otherwise.

I even began to doubt if the birds were here or not. Had they only been staying a night or two to gather strength before continuing on? I would look up constantly without catching sight of any Purple Martins anywhere. So last night I sat outside and waited and waited and waited. Finally, so high that the martins appeared as specks, I saw 2 of them. Eating feverishly in the last moments of daylight. Pickings must be slim with the combination of cool weather and winds which are getting stronger today. When they could wait no longer they dove into what will be gourd #5. The male only pausing at the entrance long enough to allow his mate entrance. A brief and quiet call and he shuffled in. So, that’s the story. Early arrivers face challenges no matter the latitude. The task of foraging is keeping them busy all day and the weather is supposed to get even cooler and more windy. I doubt I will see much of the martins while the cool snap is hanging around.

 I stood there and stared at the gourd rack. I noticed something else. The third female peeking out of what will be gourd #3. Sneeky, sneeky, sneeky!

The winds are from the North now at about 10mph, gusting to 15. Showers are expected. It will be Cold all weekend. I know, I know…South Florida. We don’t know what cold is!

I will put out dried mealworms and crickets in the feeder. Supplemental feeding is not common in Florida. So the chances of them actually eating them are slim. But I will put them out and my conscience will be clean and clear.

The webcam is working great and I am waiting on another camera to hook up what will be a nest cam. I am VERY pleased with the clarity of the picture so far. It a Lorex product and the tech support is very fast and efficient. I highly recommend the camera.

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