Much A-do About Starlings

The Purple Martin Conservation Associations online forum is a virtual treasure trove of material for me at times. I simply love the back and forth banter of many of the different forums that I am a member of. 

 Today Courtney asked what she should tell her neighbors who may ask about the repeating nest trap in the backyard. It is a fabulous question!

It is a hard pill for many to take- that the European Starlings and English House Sparrows that we catch are usually euthanized. People like things in a tidy, neat, hermetically sealed container. Like the chicken in the supermarket. I mean really, how many of us would become vegetarians if we had to kill a chicken ourselves? Well, I would ask my husband to do it but not everyone would go through the very real and gruesome task. What about beef and pork? I know that would definitely be off our menu-husband or not. SO why do people get so upset about S&S/sparrows and starlings? It is a difficult question.

You can take 2 approaches when the question comes up. You can be honest and make enemies (sometimes) or give a neat, tidy, hermetically sealed answer and walk away laughing every time. Worst case scenario is the neighbors will think you are a little weird.

So here are the

Top Ten things to say about what you do with the birds you trap:

10.You take them for a drive
9. Send them back to England as part of a repatriation project
8.Retire them in the country side
7.Send them to a bird convent
6.Give them away as pets to the underprivileged
5.Donate them to a foreign country as food (Hay we eat chickens, right?)
4.Release them back to the parking lot of Walmart
3.Release them back to the parking lot of McDonalds
2.Give them to a local magician for his disappearing bird trick

and the number one thing to say about what you do with the birds you trap
1. Donate them to NASA for the next shuttle launch

On a serious note. Todays nest check was postponed due to afternoon thunder storms. We look forward to a nest check tomorrow and the restarting of the nestcam in a nest with eggs!!!!

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