Nest Check for 4/5/09

In my last post I had told you of how I finally was able to do a nest check on 1 of my 3 housing units. All because of a stubborn pole-or feeding platform to be specific. Well here are the nest check results as of April 5th.

Gourd #2- 5 eggs
Gourd #3- 5 eggs
Gourd #6- 6 eggs
Gourd #7- 4 eggs
Gourd #9 -5 eggs
Gourd #10- 6 eggs
Gourd #11- 4 eggs
Gourd #12- 4 eggs

Excluder gourd -4 eggs

Natural horizontal gourd – 3 eggs

Sunset Inn compartment A -(?) eggs-mom in nest & did not move.
For a grand total of at LEAST 46 eggs in 10 gourds and 1 nest in house. 

Next nest check is 4/7/09, I hope.

Now today was a challenging day. I had a tooth taken out and am miserable. When we came home I wanted nothing more than to curl up under the blankets and go to sleep but the weather had other ideas. We have a cold (yes COLD) front moving through and the wind is gusting upwards of 25 mph. I am confidant that my 2 Economy Gourd racks can handle this but the triangular telescopic pole…not so much. I went out with ice pack held firmly against my jaw and assessed the situation. The gusts were making the house appear to twist from side to side. Though I am no structural engineer, I am smart enough to know that this is a recipe for pole failure. I lowered the pole so that only 1 part of the 4 sections is extended. The house looks ridiculously low to the ground but the birds wont mind. My incubating female in house compartment A flew right back in without so much as a pause. My trooper. Some of the other birds hovered, then landed on one of the gourd racks before finally going back into the house. Tomorrow is a nest check day and I will raise it back up then as long as the wind is a bit more behaved.

Perhaps when I am more up to it I will tell you of the dental experience that brings me to the point of having my tooth extracted. But I must admit, talking about my birds is good therapy and I thank you all for listening!

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