Nest Check for April 7,2009

Gourd #1- 3 eggs
Gourd #2- 5 eggs
Gourd #3- 5 eggs
Gourd #5- 2 eggs
Gourd #6- 6 eggs
Gourd #7- 4 eggs
Gourd #8- 3 eggs
Gourd #9 -5 eggs
Gourd #10- 6 eggs
Gourd #11- 4 eggs
Gourd #12- 4 eggs

Gourd A- 1 egg
Gourd J- 1 egg

Excluder gourd -5 eggs

Natural horizontal gourd – 5 eggs

Sunset Inn compartment A – 6 eggs

For a grand total of 62 eggs in 15 gourds and 1 nest in house.

I AGAIN tried to adjust the nestcam and can not get it aimed quite right. I will try, yet again on Saturday when I do the next nest check. I hope to go to Green Cay this Friday. I wanted to go last week but between my dental problems and our schedules; it was not possible.  I must admit that my spirits are always lifted when it comes to purple martins, but as of late any joy is somewhat muted with pain. Hopefully the worst is somewhat over and my dental issues will improve, as will my humor.


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