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The purple martin nestlings are beginning to fledge in the numbered gourd rack and I have suspended nest checks on that rack until probably Saturday. Come Monday there will be another 4 nests getting close to fledging, that I will again suspend nest checks. All this to avoid the dreaded premature fledge. I will do a partial check tomorrow on the house and the lettered gourd rack and I will try to move the camera so that you can see a new vantage point of the colony.

As my nests get ready to fledge this also means that the colony will get a lot busier with visiting martins from the surrounding area coming over for a visit. It should be fun to watch as the youngsters, still unsure with their landing technique try to land on the housing. It’s always worth a laugh. It also means that the time is drawing closer for the birds to begin gathering at their premigratory roosts. But I won’t let myself think of that. There are still plenty of babies yet to fledge.

For local readers of my blog, I hope I see you on Friday and Saturday at Folke Peterson Wildlife Center for their “Rescue Fest”. The center is trying to raise funds in this challenging economic times and is having a grand shindig for the family. Friday they will be having a silent auction, live music, comedians and Saturday will be the fun stuff for kids. All proceeds directly benefit the center and the animals that they care for. I will be giving a presentation on Purple Martins on Saturday at 1:00PM and hope to meet some of you in person.

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