Folke Peterson Wildlife Center CLOSING!

A complete and utter tragedy has befallen Palm Beach County. In an era of Barry Madoff’s and Stockmarket dirtbags, the cost of some people greed has cost us the lives of countless innocent animals. With all of the economy issues, the plight of Folke Peterson has fallen by the wayside and they will be closing within a month. The animals that can not be relocated to other wildlife centers or released will be euthanized. The only other center that is close is a far smaller facility. Busch Wildlife Center will not be able to take the some 350 resident animals that call Folke Peterson home. It is a heartbreaking situation and I don’t understand how we could have let these animals down.

Animals find themselves injured because of us. We run them over, we leave our cats out to injure them, we dump garbage in the waterways so that they can get stuck on it or swallow it. We, as a society are responsible for almost every animal that is bought into these centers. I saw the press that the center received when Heather Landstrom slaved to call out to concerned citizens. I saw the 5 second snippets on one of the local news stations.  But then the news would spend 5 minutes talking about some trivial topic such as the rain or lack there of. From being somewhat behind the scenes I know that these people are still trying to find donors and other options to keep the center open. The facility is only 5 years old, state of the art and with so much potential. As a participant of the last 2 events to help raise funds for the center, I saw people working tirelessly for these sick and injured animals and it breaks my heart to see the center close.

We Can Still Help Folke Peterson!

Each day the center stays open gives them more time to find another option, to save another life. I donated…will you?


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  1. Janine Says:

    Just stumbled across your blog while searching for info on the Folke Peterson wildlife center. I too am heartbroken that they are closing.

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