Purple Martins in West Palm Beach!

Well, better late than never as they say. A day shy of a full 2 weeks late, the first purple martin has landed in South Florida for the 2010 season. A lovely ASY female, her soft chirps don’t have the same impact as the male purple martin dawnsong. Nevertheless, she is a sound for sore ears.

She busied herself preening on the wires then went about entering multiple gourds. Not shy or hesitant, she knows she is home.

I wonder for how long will she be alone?

The migration seems to be delayed this year and many speculate as to why. The recent bout of record 2 week cold seems to be an obvious reason. A others note however, martins will arrive in the worst of weather and seem to migrate on length of days and whatever internal mechanism they have. The strong northerly head winds may have dissuaded them, to some extent. And our pleasant temps in the last week and brisk tailwinds are just the thing to bring my babies home.

It’s on!!!

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