Martins Starting to Bring in Nesting Material

Finally, the martins are getting down to business. Though they may still be having minor squabbles on who lives where, the bringing in of nest material is a sure sign that nesting, egg laying and an onslaught of ASY purple martins are not to far away.

If you are a new purple martin landlord it is vital to play your purple martin dawnsong. Decoys should be up and though some folks report that the purple martins sometimes seem to attack decoys others don’t mind at all.

If you use artificial (plastic) purple martin gourds it is imperative that you place nesting materiel inside the gourds. The slick plastic can make it virtually impossible for the martin to exit the gourd which will leave them trapped inside. So for safety alone, placing nest materiel in the gourd is an important part of being prepared for the arrival of your martins. Of course an added bonus is that it keeps the gourd warm and ready for them when they arrive after a transcontinental migration. Purple martins won’t bring in nest materiel so they can have a warm comfy place to sleep but I am sure it is a welcome feeling for them when they do return.

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