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Martins Everywhere!

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Not a SY (subadult) Martin anywhere but it appears as though every gourd on the 2 gourd racks is being occupied. The MPP was later going up so most of the 2 house compartments are still vacant and a few of the 8 gourds are vacant on it still.
I found feathery remains of a purple martin in the yard. I hope it isn’t an owl but my instinct tells me it may be. Clustered in a grassy spot, away from any trees, it seems like owl activity to me. From what I have learned about owls, they usually eat their pray not to far from where they catch it. Hawks will usually take their prey to a tree and eat it on a limb. Of course, if they are feeding young they will take it back to their nest.
I know it’s the circle of life but would rather not know about it.

Another Study Proves Environmental Harm Cats Cause

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

A new study completed by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute proves yet again that free range cats cause a huge and devastating impact to birds and other wildlife. Between 7-20 BILLION small mammals and almost 4 BILLION birds each and every year in the continental US alone. While some might say, “Hay, sounds like Garfield is eating lots of mice!” Remember, those are not just mice and those mice are a valuable food source for owls, other raptors and othr animals in the food chain. Along with the facts that cats that are fed will kill more prey. Just something to consider. Read the article HERE..

Singing With Abandon

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

About 2 dozen martins are frequenting our 2 racks that are up. The one center pole that holds our 2 aluminum houses is not raised due to a rope that came out of the pulley. Tomorrow we hope to rectify that and raise it also since I see a few birds looking. Down at it wondering why it isn’t up yet. I have learned a lesson from this though. When you lower your housing, you should still tie off your ropes