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Question: Where Are My Birds?

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Someone recently asked the following question:
I checked the scout migration sighting i see someone posted they have martins in in the same town i had one pair last year i did not get them till june 5 are they still going to come what should i do ?

My response:
When you have such a small/new colony, it’s hard to say how the next season will go. The birds that nested at your house last year may not have survived the migration. So when you are first starting, there is a chance that you won’t get them back. Only a small percentage of babies that fledge from your house will return to that house. Most spread out to occupy other housing within a 50 mile radius. That being said, fledglings that came by last year to visit before they migrated will be your main source of new birds. My advice is stick with the basics. 1. Make sure your housing is safe from predators. Any predation in small/new colonies can have devastating effects. 2. dawnsong- keep advertising. Good luck!