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Deep Thoughts

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The Purple Martins were perching in the trees today. Making me wonder if they were deciding when to start picking off pine needles off the trees . No nest building. I still think it is a tad to early for that. It did seem interesting to see them in the trees though. Usually they make their perch the telephone pole at the edge of my property.

The Mocking bird was taking sticks to a large tangle of Brazilian pepper plants and malealuca saplings in my neighbors property. She must have gotten tired of all the noise in the Roebellini Palm off my pool deck (a safer spot for sure) but Mockers being the shy type, I understand her resistance. My 2 boys are quite the rowdy bunch and have taken to posing the local population of Anoles (lizards) in the most embarrasing of situations.

The cardinals are frequenting the black oil sunflower seeds in the cage feeder. I have noticed they enjoy a spot of grass that is where I throw out the unused seed and husks from my finches. The spot has sprouted quite a few greens and I am sure it is a tasty treat compared to the usual South Florida grasses and greens.

A few things have been pressing on my mind. One being the innate greed within people. In today’s economy one would think that greed equates to Wall Street bankers and Detroit Auto executives. Not necessarily so. Greed manifests itself in subtle yet just as subversive ways. People talk about the give and take in relationships. Casual acquaintances have natural ebb and flow of conversation. Friendships have a natural wax and waning of communication and support. But human “informational” parasites infest our everyday lives more than what we think.

The stereotypical supervisor who takes information from a coworker and claims it as his own. The self proclaimed fan who feigns true interest to leach off others fame. We all have had these situations either happen to us or have been witness to it. In this world of answers being a “Google” away, it is hard for some people to understand that other human beings are not a one stop shop for advice, information and trade secrets. An example of this was at the Festival I attended a few weeks ago. A gentleman stopped by my booth and began asking me questions about Purple Martins, which I will ALWAYS be happy to answer. Eventually the questions turned to who manufacturers some of the housing I sell. Specific information that made me wonder why he was so interested. To make a long story short this person was not interested in helping Purple Martins, definitely not interested in my fledgling business, and for sure not interested in making a purchase. He was in fact a store owner interested in selling some of the same products I sell. In essence, he wanted information to help him be my competition. I was amazed at his attitude when I declined to give him the phone number of the manufacturers. Almost as if it was his inalienable right to this information. All I could say to him was, “If I could figure it out, I am sure you will too. Good Luck.” In closing, I hope with this economic challenge we find ourselves in, we can find our better selves.

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