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SubAdults Arrive and Fighting Begins!

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Nothing more frustrating as a purple martin landlord than seeing your beloved birds breaking out in heated battle. I am sure (from past experiences) that it will get worse, but nevertheless, watching your kids beating each others heads in is hard to watch. I have long since given up caring what the neighbors think, but 5 minutes into yelling up at the MPP pole for the martins to, “QUIT IT!!!”, I did notice the ridiculousness of it all. The martins ignored me and untill I lowered the pole, the SY male wouldn’t stop trying to enter the Sunset Inn house. Once lowered, the ASY male and female sat in the compartment quietly. I opened the room and reached in to remove the ASY male (to check for any lasting injury. The female just sat and didn’t move a feather. She stayed the whole time. I released the male, raised the housing and all was well…for a few minutes anyway.

On another note, we have gotten a few new items at our store, These cool Purple Martin metal Silhouettes are both functional and decorative. I can’t decide if I want to attach some to the top of my Aluminum house or up on top of my kitchen cabinets.


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Happy Easter 2008

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today brought torrential rain interspersed with new nest building in Gourd #5 and the arrival of sub-adult purple martins. A SY male had high interest in gourd#10. Which is where my original ASY pair has 4 eggs on nest cam. They both guarded their eggs from within their Troyer horizontal gourd. I am not sure what had the SY male so intrigued with this particular gourd. Again and again he attempted to breach security.  Without success. A few SY females made an appearance and seemed rather impressed with the many ASY bachelors who attempted to woo them. It’s too early to tell if anyone succeeded in obtaining one of the prized girls. It seems as though males outnumber the females at least 3:1…which is a slight improvement. My success so far has me wondering who’s housing has gone down that so many ASY pairs have located to my site so willingly and quickly. Don’t get me wrong, my location and site are ideal. But usually the ASY return to prior nesting sites. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled and up to the challenge.

Nest check tomorrow, I’m estimating at least 11 eggs…maybe more!!!

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