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Green Cay Nature Center

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

The Purple Martin season, here in South Florida, started early but is slow to pick up. My 2 pairs are faithful companions to the gourd rack but no newcomers have arrived as yet. I suspect within the next few weeks the other ASY”S will join. Of course the Live Streaming web/bird cam is available for viewing HERE.

Green Cay Nature Center

Last week I went to see the new gourd rack and house that Green Cay Nature Center & Wetlands purchased from PurpleMartins-R-Us. I was thrilled, honored and VERY impressed with what I saw. Not only is the center sure to become a top notch birding and wildlife destination, its staff, location and facilities are all world class.

I met up with Donald Campbell, the manager of the center, who took me to see the Purple Martin housing. On one side of the boardwalk stand 2 Trio “Grandpa’s” unconverted but well used by all reports. The distance to the new housing is far enough away that the birds in the Trios will probably not switch over, even though the housing is far superior. A testament to the Purple Martins site fidelity. As the season progresses however, I believe that the new housing will surpass its older housing options in popularity.

 The new Sunset Inn house and Economy 12 Gourd Rack are on the opposite side of the boardwalk in the same location that 2 wooden houses stood. The fate of the 2 wooden houses is proof of the downside of putting up a wooden house in South Florida. Without seasonal maintenance and upkeep (repainting) the wood is quick to rot.

Green Cay is over 100 acres of constructed wetlands that filters waste water from the water treatment plant across the street. The wetlands area naturally filters this water and allows it to recycle into the environment by evaporation and percolating into the water table. For those that live in South Florida and know of our recent drought, it is obvious the great benefit that this facility provides. In addition as the site matures and as birders and naturalists come to know of this center, the park will bring a source of tourism and revenue for Boynton Beach. The 1 1/2 miles of boardwalk are a slice of heaven in an otherwise bustling area of subdivisions, cars and strip malls. Almost as if a piece of the Everglades was magically transported to this spot and forgotten about in the mad rush to develop the surrounding area.

Many thanks to Mr.Campbell. I can tell his passion for this facility is heartfelt and it reflects in the smiles I saw from both staff and visitors who obviously reveled in the beauty of the surroundings. As I talked with Mr. Campbell, several Purple Martins flew over head. I really can’t wait to go back!

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