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June 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Thursday is supposed to be fledge day for Natural gourd #8. The 3 babies in there are always looking out at me when I go outside. I sometimes wonder if the martins that have a view of “me” end up feeling more comfortable with humans. I would imagine so. They see me everyday. I whistle to them. They see me come and go and cause no harm. The birds that face the other-way have no idea what flat faced horrors are out there. They must be like little beings faced with alien life for the first time….AAARRGGHHH! I can’t imagine what they must think of us.

TheĀ 2 remaining nestsĀ seem to be doing well and we have been getting some overcast skies and light rain to cool off the housing. I know that many Martin Landlords in the North East are having terrible drought conditions and Martins are being lost in large numbers. Very sad. Here all I can do is continue to contribute my housing so that the martins can produce offspring in the most competition free and predator free zone possible.

The swallow-tailed kite was at it again. To the same tall pine to flush out the dove. I did not see it with a nestling this time but I did see the dove fly off. She might as well call that pine quits. I stood guard over the martins until the kite flew off. The babies in the natural gourd would be easy pickings for any predator. Its a round hole with no tunnel. I put it up mostly as SY male housing. That is, a compartment put up late in the season so that new arriving SY males would have a cavity to claim instead of causing trouble in a cavity already occupied by a pair and its young.

Only 1 gourd and 1 6×6 compartment went unused this season.

May 31, 2008

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Peek-a-booNew pics and new cartoons uploaded to

I was out back for several hours and got some good pictures.

I also mowed the grass and the martins were all freaked out at first. Within minutes they settled in to their routine. I mowed carefully under the housing, watching out for any youngsters in the grass. There was an interesting development with a Swallow-tailed Kite that was circling overhead. The Martins were in a panic and sounding the high alert. I stopped the mower and was ready with my flip flop in hand ready to send the kite flying…no pun intended (Just kidding Fish and Wildlife Dept) It weaved between several tall pines in the next yard. Something was doomed. Within seconds it darted to a fork in the branches. A dove was flushed out and crashed squarely into a fence before flapping onto the ground. The swallow-tailed kite was not interested in the Dove. It was it’s nestling that became fodder for the kite. The Kite flew up in lazy circles while it pulled off pieces of flesh to eat. It flew off content with its tiny meal and the martins soon returned to normal. I never had seen a Kite feed on a bird, nor had I ever seen a dove nest so high..oh well. As long as it wasn’t one of my Martins. Poor Dove…