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Nest Check April 9, 2008

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Nest check finally! Done late in the day, it was met with much protest. I checked all nests 15 eggs in 3 separate nests have all hatched. 1 nest is due to hatch tomorrow. There are another 26 eggs that are in 5 nests. 2 nests are completed and seem ready for eggs. Another few compartments seems to have nests in earlier stages of development.

One again my brave little girl in gourd #2 (a Combo Plus gourd) sat with her 5 precious babies while I did their nest check. I looked and saw them all piled up and smiled as they reached their heads up begging for food. She sat motionless and stayed at her post for the entire time.

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April 8, 2008

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

20080328_44.JPGI am due for a nest check but was unable to do so today. Could be my 2 boys running me ragged? My 3 1/2 year old son says he is a baby bird. I am assuming he has caught on to my fascination with the Martins and wants in on the attention.

The chortling and noise that my martins have been making has died down. The same number of birds but many females are now tucked within their gourds. Only coming out for brief periods for a quick meal. I am estimating another 4 or so females have begun incubating their eggs. Others are standing watch over their valuable commodities.

Several of the females are frequenting my egg shells. They sit and peck away on the feeding platform that is mounted below my Martin house.

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Hatch Day April 7,2008

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Within the next few days the first lot of 20 eggs is due to hatch. This morning when I looked at the nest that I have on camera, the precious treasure lay hidden under an obviously doting mother. She no longer sat patiently on her eggs, seemingly asleep. she fussed and turned and fiddled and then ate some thing… A piece of egg shell. Finally she moved aside and I could see. The tiny, almost transparent form of a newly hatched Purple Martin. Wiggling next to 4 other eggs, the tiny life squirmed and moved about. Now the fun begins.

Another nest is 1 day ahead of this nest so I can assume that there are other babies. I looked out at the housing and there is a difference. No longer quiet the gourd rack seems to be a buzz. Several other birds are coming to the gourds to peer inside as if they are giving congratulations. The ASY males are sitting above their respective gourds, acting quite protective. Several of the females that have been incubating are sitting with heads peeking out or flying in and out finally free of their self imposed  isolation called incubation. The female on camera is also out and about and I can finally see the baby bird only 4 or so months away from a transoceanic flight.

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